Clinic Tour

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Reception Area

Our bright and spacious reception area offers separate dog and cat areas, children's play area, handicapped accessible bathroom, and complimentary coffee bar.  Check-in and check-out stations with multiple computers and telephones allow our staff to efficiently assist clients.  We can easily send and receive patient records electronically by email or fax.  Separate entrance and exit doors help with getting your pets in and out of the clinic with minimum interaction with other patients.  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to provide assistance when needed, whether carrying a bag of food or taking pets to the cars.  

Treatment Area

Our modern treatment area is brightly lit and includes quad treatment tables, a dental alcove with digital dental radiology, a surgery pack and prep area where surgical instruments are cleaned and sterilized, and a laboratory with on-site blood analyzers which allows us to have results in as little as 15 minutes.


Our state of the art digital radiology unit ensures that we have clear images which we can enhance by zooming in and out of particular areas of the x-ray.  The computer permits us to send the images to tablets for viewing by clients, as well as the ability to share the x-rays with various veterinary specialists via email.  We can also put the images on a CD for clients upon request. 

Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite includes a heated surgery table, anesthetic machine with gas scavenger system, and various equipment which allows our Registered Veterinary Technicians to monitor patients' pulse, oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and more.  Once awake from anesthesia, surgical patients are transferred to our ICU wards for continued observation and monitoring throughout the remainder of their hospitalization.

ICU Wards

Our separate glass fronted canine and feline ICU wards have calming music and pheromones to help ensure the comfort of our hospitalized patients.  The separate wards help keep our feline patients from being frightened by the sight, smells, and sounds of our canine patients.  The canine ward also includes a spacious run for our larger patients.  The glass fronts of our wards permit our animal care staff to visually monitor patients without having to disturb them.